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Dont buy the Sun.
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Saturday, 13 September 2008

7000km Part 2

So we escaped the land of corn by the husk of our ears (yeah, that was corny, but if you cob something that bad together, you have to field it...). Acyually, by the time we hit western Iowa, we found some great back country roads riding through the first hills we had seen in days. There were old clay, grassy hills that resembled the 'fingered' hills you often see in pictures of China. And set the stage nicely for Nebraska. There we found more rolling hills, and we had our first night couchsurfing staying with Joe, a student who discovered couchsurfing while studying in Poland. the first of two cool couchsurfing experiences. We didn't stay long as we were close enough to our first goal South dakota, the bad lands and Sturgis.
The badlands were stunning, and even these pics don't do the justice. We detoured through them on the way from Nebraska to Sturgis, and spent the beter part of the day twisting through kilometres of badlands national parks.It was also the first time this entire trip that we saw a sign
of the 100, 000 bikes that were supposed to be at Sturgis. We went from seeing 2 bikes per day on thge road to two cars per day. We found out how this worked by the end of the rally. It seems no-one really drives their bike to Sturgis anymore. they put it in the trailer behind their SUV, tow it to Sturgis, park it on main street and pose by it.


MJN said...

I fuckin love this post because I saw a documentary about this gathering once, and I so want to to go there on the Crosstowner. ...

MJN said...

Picture 1521 and the next one are amazing. We both thought so. The scenery is amazing and you guys both look "hot" (Nel's Canadian vocabularly - in the UK, it would be 'fit'). Just great photos.

JoeyMac said...

I wasn't planning on going there again, but the thought of you cruising down main street on the Crosstowner would change my mind in an instant.
Hot? Fit? Thanks we'll take them both. :->