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Dont buy the Sun.
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Saturday, 13 September 2008

7000km Part 3

So yes, Sturgis was a circus. But you have to run away to the circus at least once in your life. :) Stayed their two days, went to the worlds largest drive-in/through biker bar, and bought a couple of tacky souvineers. We spent mostof the time on the road checking out the windiest roads and most beautiful scenery outside of Cape Beton. Mount rushmore was creepy, but the roads the park were amazing, especially 'needles' highway. Every road was filled in bot directions with motorcycles, mostly Harley's and the lack of time behind the wheel was obvious with most of them. I started calling them the first gear club, but to be fair, no-one was taking the road beyond their skill level - which was good.


MJN said...

Does Harley mean what it means here - ie over fifty, dentist or orthodontist, a bit out of shape? There is a type of biker (and cyclist) who are dangerous to themselves, and to others. Here we call those cyclists the "Just seen the OLympics Club"

JoeyMac said...

I think over 60 these days, but yeah, most of them have watched more easy rider than riding. :)