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Dont buy the Sun.
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Sunday, 28 September 2008

To cheat or not to cheat...

It is the eve of my impending studentship, and all round the house, nothing was stirring, not even a mouse. Nothing that, it is, on this dark and stormy night, except for a Boffin of the Parish Hull, ranting on about plagiarism. Whether it be more proper to just get the marks what your own writing deserves, OR, whether you should take some quotes from the sea that is the web, then include them in your essay and pretend they are your own, that, my friends, Canadians, and fellow Anglo-Irish-Celt-Saxo-French-Norman Countrymen, is the question.

What the RHB does not know, is that in lecturing me on the various method used by Prof's to catch plagiarizers, she unwittingly falls into my trap, and ends up telling me exactly how to beat the system.

A peal of fiendish laughter later (from me) and the jig is up. I know know exactly how to beat the system.

The previous week has been distastorus by the way - we've had another penetration by the previous tenants, the concrete block that we've been trying to get rid of has become a kettle of fish, and I just feel like I've made no progress on the house at all. Time has, like a thief in the night, crept past our troubled brows while we have slept the sleep of the just, and has caught up on me, so today's entry is necessarily short. I hope that readers do not mind, I've fair grunt and sweat to write a line, but this week at least cannot. I hope that in this, my sins are not remembered.

Note: 99.9% of the references in the above were remembered, which shows how useless a Jesuit education can be. On the other hand, I really did not remember who had said 'friends, Romans, countrymen..' or whether it was one of those frequent Shakespearean misquotes.

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Grasshopper said...

Martin - all the best in the start of your latest, greatest, new adventure. You now have permission to rent all those awful, pubescent "college days" videos (Animal House, Old School, PCU, Revenge of the Nerds, Back to School)...and, of course, Simpson re-runs of "Homer goes to college".