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Dont buy the Sun.
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Saturday, 13 September 2008

7000km Part 4 (or 7000 words, whichever comes first)

We weren't sure where we were going after Sturgis. We didn't know how many rain days we would have, but with 45 minutes of rain over the entire two weeks, we were free to go a little further. South was our first thought, but a heat wave was pushing temps into the 40's so we decided west and North into the canyons of Wyoming and Montana. Again, the scenery was amazing. Devils tower, finger canyon, and more badlands. ok.... Out of room for pics, and typing fingers are tiring (only 2 fingers sharing all this work). Stories about running out of gas, and our only rain/hail storm on the 401 back in toronto will wait till a nice beer and a good talk. :)


MJN said...

Great series you guys. Montana seems one of those 'hidden' US places to me - masses and masses of room, but not really 'known'. When you have he chance just note a few of the towns you passed through,I'd very much like to Google Earth your trip.

7000kms, Awesome.

JoeyMac said...

Wyoming was even better. We couch surfed with a guy in Buffalo (Wy). Nice peaceful 55 year old liberal, living at the base of the mountains and bicycling around north america.
Nice to be reminded that people rarely fit stereotypes. :)
We've traced the route with pencil, so I'll send you the list soon.