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Dont buy the Sun.
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Thursday, 1 February 2007

And he's from Hull......

SOme of you guys may have heard of this man - Karl Bushby.

He's trying to walk round the world. I've just seen a tv programme about his crossing of the Bering Straits on foot. In seven years or so, I'll be able to greet him as he arrives in Hull.



JoeyMac said...

He may be passing through Perm by the look of the route. Shall we get Anna's Mother to hand him a tea invite from you? :)

MJN said...

That might be a really cool thing to do - I could send a postcard to Perm or something from Hull. I would'nt have to honour the invite either because he'll take about another two years to get here, and Nel will probably have decided to change careers again by then.