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Dont buy the Sun.
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Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Missing you and Molly Pic

Have finally figured out how to view all your wonderful pics with a Mac...which isn't trivial. Yes, and miss you terribly. Thought that a good pic of Molly would go down well.
I'm fine and so are the dogs. I think that I'd move to Beverley just to see those wonderful carvings looking at me everyday.
Love to you both,


MJN said...

Welcime Paddy,

Picture of Molly is great, happy dog's lives are so uncomplicated - a stick, some stroking and food - its all you need! . And snow too!!! I'm very jealous - has'nt snowed here in years and its really strange to think there's no winter coming.

MJN said...

Hi Paddy, well done in getting everything to work on the mac - I should have put you in touch with Jody - she's a mac girl. Gorgeous picture of Molly - she looks so engrossed with her stick.

MJN said...

The last comment was from me Paddy - I forgot that Martin had signed in.