Dont buy the Sun.

Dont buy the Sun.
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Thursday, 1 February 2007

Thanks for the invite

This is all totally new for me, but it does seem a good way to keep in touch easily so I'm game to give it a go. It was wonderful to see your pics...your hike shots are gorgeous! Hope you're all settling in and getting a feel for the place now. Found a good pub yet? That always helps ...

I'll try to get the photo bit figured out and post some pics soon. Iain learned how to skate over the past week or so. He's Very Determined to be a hockey player. I'm not so keen on it...very expensive sport and you have to get up really early every weekend. Oh well, he's only 3 yet, I'm sure he'll have a few more desperate desires along the way.


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MJN said...

Still looking for that illusive pub.