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Dont buy the Sun.
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Friday, 9 February 2007

Looking for a job in Hull

Not that I particularly use job boards or websites, but, having a spare half hour this afternoon, I decided to try to browse a few. The funniest one, is a website called Try to do a jobsearch on this site under any category.


Grasshopper said...

Oh dear! Does this mean you've officially retired??! Good thing Nell is making those "wads and wads of cash" so she can continue to keep you in the manner to which you've become accustomed! ;-)

MJN said...

No, not retirement unfortunately, just that I usually find job boards useless as sources of jobs, but useful (sometimes) in terms of background research.

Charles said...

Well now, seems the Hull job market has taken a turn for the worse! :-)
Good luck with the search!