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Dont buy the Sun.
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Friday, 2 February 2007

My first blog ..... wowowowowow

Hello Hallo (I still do not know which one is correct)!

Nell, you have all of my support ..... yesterday I was in bed with 39.5 dgrees of fever (that the way I celebrated my first year in England)! My phone dropped our nice conversation but I promise to replace it. Not only as a revenge, but also because it has numbers as big as my glasses (maybe it is a phone for old people) and because the signal is pretty bad! You and Martin sounded like calling from the house of frogs!

Well .... just to say I'm happy to be part of the family!

PS: can we add an option "check spelling" .... I'm still afraid of what I can write or mis-write!

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MJN said...

Welcome Cristiana,

Lokk out for a new photo album which features Dr Jodie Culham in a rousing Karaoke version of 'MUstang sALLY'