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Dont buy the Sun.
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Friday, 2 February 2007

Hello Both,

I can't say I have ever blogged before, so this feels a little weird..............Great to hear your news. The pictures of your hike are fabulous and I am very jealous that you have walks like that at so close by (I am not going to show the pictures to Maurice because it will make him home sick). Your place looks very lovely and comfortable.

All is well here, other than we all have colds and flu! Callum is sleeping though.........well, most of the night. It's Maurice's big 35 next weekend and we are going out on the town to celebrate -- we thought we'd be really wild and go out for dinner and a movie. =)

Callum points out your car in the morning and then asks "if we can go see Nell and Martin".

We miss you.



MJN said...

Hi Mandy ,

Welcome. We miss you guys and I was really glad our last night in London was with Callum, Toby and you guys. I'll be posting some photos over the next few weeks, particularly of our walks in the woods near Sparta so everyone can see that Ontario is not just one big cornfield.
Having moved to England, we've immediately developed a stiff upper lip which does'nt allow me to say anything about how we miss you guys. However, I'll be back in March /April for the trial and I think Nel's back in August/ Sept.

Mandy said...

Hi Martin,

The pictures of Springwater are excellent. I hadn't seen the panoramic views before. The work situation sounds very exciting for you. I am once again very envious of the weekend trips you two are making. I really miss not having that over here.

Just another Callum story to illustrate how he feels about you two. Toby was under the table during dinner (what's new?), and being a rather large dog, the chairs at one end of the table started moving. Callum pointed to the chairs and announced that "Toby is moving Martin and Nell's chairs." So, if you need a place to stay when you come back to Canada, there is a place for you at our table.

Take care,


MJN said...

Hi MAndy,

Just read this - thanks for the story. Hopefully Callum won't have forgotten us in a few months because if all goes according to plan, we'll both be over later this year. It is VERY strange though, not being able to hang out with you guys.