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Dont buy the Sun.
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Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Charles Checks In

Hi all,

First, Nell and Martin, I think this is an excellent idea you've got here. Now, I can't resist being one of those parents who keeps shoving pictures of his kids in other people's faces, so here are links to many pics of little Maya (soon to be five months old):

Glad to hear you're settling in okay despite some poorly timed illnesses and such. Say hi to Chang for me.



MJN said...

Hi Maya and welcome also to your support staff Nikki and Charles,

Great photos again of Maya. Please feel free to post some photos of you and your support staff at any time, Maya.

If I may address myself to Charles for a second - I was not a big fan of blogs, but we realised that if we use it slightly differently - ie instead of the earnest ramblings of a disgruntled Star Trek fan-type thing (although my entries are close at times), we could all just use it as a simple way to keep in touch. Hope it works. So, yes please, more pictures of you guys - days out, birthdays, anything really.

MJN said...

Hi Charles,

I meant to ask , what is
Nam Karan Sanskar?

Please feel free to reply as post or as comment - can I suggest as post, because maybe a few people may ask the same question?