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Dont buy the Sun.
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Wednesday, 21 February 2007


Well, December might have been very mild in Halifax, but February has been true to form. Not much snow but plenty of good cold weather. The lakes have more than 12 inches of ice. Carl and I went out with a bunch of friends from work last weekend to play hockey on Frog Pond. We also went out and shot the puck around with our "little brother" Tremaine. The picture shows the three of us on Lake Banook, across from the canoe club. (Click the picture for a bigger image).


Nell said...

The ice looks amazing - but I don't think much of your costumes - where's the glitz and glam - what kind of ice skating to you call it?

MJN said...

I hope you and Carl were gentle with your "Little" brother and did'nt play too rough.